If you want to learn how to make money on Fiverr for FREE this is a complete guide for 2022 that shows you EXACTLY how to get started. After doing some research, I realized that a lot of the guides on Youtube either didn’t really show you fully how to get set up or were outdated. On top of that, a lot of the guides showed you how to do what I’m showing you today, MANUALLY! The truth is if you aren’t using some form of automation or robots you’re going to get left in the dust by the people who are. In this video, I show you exactly how to get set up on Fiverr and start your account as a seller. Step 1. Go to Fiverr and set up your account as a seller, you can use a tool like Shineranker.com to have AI fill out your bio for you for free. Step 2. Create a gig offering a website audit service for $5, we’re going to be charging a lower amount of money because we want to get more jobs and reviews quickly to boost our ranking and get people buying full website services from us. Step 3. Run websites through the Shine Ranker automated audit tool, print out the CSV, send it to your client, and offer to fix the problems for $200 – $300. Remember, there are a TON of people making money with this method on places like Fiverr, Upwork, Thumbtack, Craigslist, and more. The problem is that a LOT of people who are doing these services MANUALLY which obviously will take a long time. Don’t believe me? Before I began building the Shine Ranker tool I use to do all of this manually myself, you can see that’s true if you browse through some of my older videos on Youtube. Obviously, this method that you’ll be using on Fiverr will work on any freelancing platform so don’t just stop at Fiverr, try using some of the other well-known platforms to post jobs offering website services like this one and automate the whole process! I hope you enjoyed my complete guide to making money with Fiverr in 2022! If you have any questions about website audits, Fiverr, or anything else, please feel free to comment and let me know, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!



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How to make money on fiber with ai robots: A beginner’s

What’S up guys chase stranger here and today we’re going to be talking about how to make money on fiber with ai robots and the best part about this method?Is you can get started for free and you can do this as a beginner if you’ve never earned money online before this?Is the perfect video for you, because it is free to do and it’s super easy to set up.So what are we going to do?We’Re going to start by signing up for a free account on fiverr and then we’re going to be offering something called a website audit.Now what is fiverr fiverr is a platform that allows you to buy and sell services online we’re going to be selling services.

How to Automate Website Audit for Profit

What is a website audit a website audit is something that we’re going to sell to a website owner, so we can tell them what’s wrong with their website and then sell them on the fixes for the problems that we saw in the website audit and if that Sounds confusing, don’t worry again, all we’re doing is automating this entire process by clicking on buttons and everything’s, going to be pretty much done for you, whether it’s with robots or automation.Now, before we actually go into the method, i do want to show you some of the people that are doing this manually and making money with it, and this just blows my mind that people are on fiverr, not automating this process, because you can see here this Person’S making 300 auditing shopify websites – and we can do this in literally a few seconds with what i’m about to share with you – this person is making 125 dollars this person jacob is making 60 dollars now.What is really cool about this?

How to make money from audit reports

Is that you’re not just making money on the front end, meaning when you’re providing the report but you’re making money on the back end as well, when you’re at when you’re selling the fixes from the report?So, even if you only make let’s say what this guy’s making ten dollars a audit, you could do five to ten audits a day.That’D be 50 to 100.But if you were to start selling the fixes for those, you could easily sell them for two or three hundred dollars per website.Now, let’s just run the numbers on this, so you can see how crazy this actually is.

How to make a fortune as a Website Auditor

Let’S say we charge ten dollars, which is the lowest price listed here, and we get five website audit sales per day, that’s five times, ten we’re making fifty dollars a day, and if we consider that we could probably sell at least one of these websites on the Implementations or fixes from the report for three hundred dollars, that would already be three hundred fifty dollars a day and if we’re working five days a week, that’s seventeen hundred dollars a week, and if we multiply that by the month, that’s seven thousand dollars a month doing Something again that we’re going to completely automate, so this is really really crazy right, because most of these people are not just selling the audits they’re, not just selling the reports.They’Re also selling all of the fixes, because most people are gon na see all the things wrong with their website and they’re gon na say hey.Can i pay you to fix this now when i say people are earning a crazy amount of money doing this?

How to Earn Thousands of Dollars as a Freelancer with Automation

I absolutely mean it if you go on other freelancing websites like upwork or craigslist or thumbtack, or anywhere, that you can hire or sell freelancing services.You can see that people like taylor is earning 50 an hour.She’S only worked two different jobs and has already earned six thousand dollars nathan here at twenty five dollars.An hour has worked one a job and earned two thousand dollars.All you have to do is get one sale on the website report and one client to ask for the fixes from that website report to start earning thousands of dollars and the best part is you’re not doing anything manually.Most of the people that you’re going to see on these different websites are doing what i’m about to share with you all manually and they’re, not using automation.So this is absolutely insane and it’s a massive opportunity for you to get started right now, all right.

How to get started with Fiverr and get your business off the

Let’S talk about what you need to do to get set up with a fiverr account for free and get started now before we do make sure you go to chasetrainer.om and enter my free thousand dollar giveaway.All you have to do is click on these different buttons and follow me on social media and you’ll, get entered to win, we’re going to start out by going to fiverr.com and click on the join button here at the top right.Next, we’re going to sign in with whatever account we want, i’m gon na just click on the google sign in so i can make it quick now that we’re in we’re gon na go to the top right and click on our profile here and we’re gon na Click on become a seller, we’re gon na click on the become a seller button and we’re going to click on continue.We’Re just going to skip through all of this and we’re going to start filling out our information.So first thing we’re going to do is fill out.Our name add a profile picture.We’Ll do me and my corvette and for the description.

Are website audit services a good option for businesses who are not sure about

What i recommend, since we’re going to be using a tool to automate.Most of this is use the tool i’m going to share with you to also write out your description, so we’re going to go over to a website called shineranker.om and you’re, going to get 10 days for free, just enter in your email, and you can grab your Free account now once you’re in the tool.What we’re going to do is click on this little tab called content editor.All we have to do is write what we want the robot to talk about, so we’re going to type in website audit services and click.On start, editing and you’ll see here that the tool automatically pulled the topic in to the ai portion of the tool, and all we have to do is click on generate and it’ll start writing.Content for us about website audit services and the cool thing about this is the content’s completely unique.It’S not plagiarized and we can use it for our bio, so website.Audit services are a good option for businesses who are not sure about their website needs.

How to create a killer headline for your digital marketing job

So we’re going to just copy all of this and we’re going to go to our personal info and fill this out.Click on our language, english native, add and continue occupation, we’re going to say, digital marketing.We do content marketing, marketing strategy seo and web traffic.Now you can fill this out as much as you want it’s up to you, i’m going to just probably skip through a lot of this, i’m just going to add only the things that are absolutely necessary.Then fiverr is just gon na.Ask you for your tax information and after you fill out all of that, it’s going to take you to this first gig that they’re gon na ask you to post now a gig is basically just a job that you’re offering so the secret.

How to Sell Website Audits Cheaply and Get a Lot of Orders

Here, though, is, i would recommend that you sell these website audits for really really cheap, because if you can sell them for cheap and you can get a ton of orders, the more orders you get, the more reviews you get, the higher your job is going to Rank on fiverr and the more people are going to order your audits and you can start upselling the fixes, because you’re not making money on the reports you’re making money when people ask you to fix their websites for them.So what you’re going to do is fill out a gig and you’re just going to say i will do a website audit report for you you’re, going to select a category we’re going to do digital marketing search engine.Optimization then we’re going to click on what we serve, so we can pretty much click on all of these.

What is a website audit report? A website audit report is

If we wanted to gaming finance anything that we want to get jobs for – and you might not want to work with certain industries – so don’t click on any everything, then we’re going to click on language, we’re going to do english.Obviously, if you speak a different language, you can do a different language and then search tags.These are just for the keywords so search engine optimization seo audit seo report website report website audit.Then we can create different packages if we want to so like a basic audit.Full audit, i’m just going to do a basic audit, because what we’re doing is we’re just doing a a one type of service.We’Re not gon na be offering anything really custom.It’S just gon na be the same report that we do for everybody, so we’re gon na, say.Website audit report describe the details and then for the details.

How to Do a Website Audit

We can use shine ranker again to generate the details for our service, so we’ll just type in how does a website audit work, because that’s what we’re going to be filling out?Okay and website audit is a thorough examination of key parts of the website.So we’re going to grab all this copy and paste it in then we’re going to click on all the different things.We’Re offering we’re not going to do the optimization we’re just going to do the report and we’re gon na make it five dollars and briefly describe your gig.We can get get some more info here.We’Ll say how to do a website.Audit get content generated for that.Okay, copy paste, save and continue oh and we’re going to make sure that we get a question.We need to ask for the website.What is your website?Url save and continue and then for the image because they asked for an image for the posting.I actually just take an image of the audit that we’re going to use.

How to create a successful online business with a low budget

So all we have to do is run an audit to get an image we’ll just type in whatever website.So chaserender.com we’ll press submit – and this will start crawling on the website and telling us what’s wrong with the website.And if we want to take a screenshot.Just scroll over use our snipping tool go like that.Take a screenshot like this and we can upload it in here, save and continue now, once you post that gig you’re going to see it in your dashboard under gigs, you can see this one has zero impressions because we just posted it.Zero clicks, your order, zero cancellations.Now we can create new gigs for the different things that we’re gon na sell like a full website service or a seo implementations for two or three hundred dollars.

How to cheaply and efficiently get an online audit

But really all you have to do is start posting these.When people enter in their websites to get an audit, you just go and grab their website plug it into the shine audit tool and click on csv and you’ll have a full printout that you can instantly hand to the person who ordered an audit in just a Couple seconds now, when they ask for help from the audit, what you’re going to do is you’re going to either do the implementations from the audit yourself or you can just hire other people off of fiverr.So if we go to this button here and switch to buying, let’s say somebody buys a website service or the fixes from the website report.All we have to do is go to fiverr and type in website services, and then we just have to find somebody.That’S charging less than us, let’s say: they’re charging, forty five dollars or eighty dollars.

How to make money by selling your shine ranker tool

If we sell the implementations for three hundred dollars, we can have them fix the issues and we make a 250 profit.So that’s absolutely crazy right because it only took us a couple seconds to run the report, but now we can also outsource all the fixes and we can start making a lot of money by just basically flipping these jobs to other people and we’re the middlemen.Now, that’s pretty much it if you have any questions.Let me know by leaving a comment on this video.I also want to mention that, if you would like to get a special deal on the shine ranker tool, i have a limited time special that you can pick up the tool for just 297 a year that breaks down to about 25 a month.If you get the annual plan, this isn’t going to last forever.So if you want to grab it, go to chaserunner Com forward, slash shine, and i hope you liked the video we’ll see in the next one until we do happy money making we’ll see you guys bye,


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