Get the Robinhood App and get a Free Shares of Stock

How many free stocks can I get?

You can win up to $500 in free stocks. You can check the price of each stock you get on the History tab for these stocks.

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

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If your total value of free stocks is approaching $500, you'll stop receiving free stocks once the lowest priced stock in our inventory would bring you over the $500 limit. For example, if you have $497.00 in free stocks and the lowest priced stock in our inventory is $3.75, you won't be able to receive any further free stocks. However, your friends will still receive a free stock if they sign up with your invite link.

Can I sell my free share of stock?

You are allowed to sell the free share of stock three trading days after you receive it. It’s completely up to you whether you hold or sell the stock. You can use the proceeds from the sale towards other stocks that you want to invest in.

When can I take the money out of Robinhood?

You have to keep the cash value of the stock in your account for at least 30 days before withdrawing it. After the 30-day window, there are no restrictions on the proceeds. For example, if you win 1 share worth $10 to your account, you cannot withdraw the $10 you receive by selling the stock for 30 days.

The cash value of the stock is determined by the price of the stock at the time you received it. You can check this value on the history page for the free stock.

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

How are my free shares of stock taxed?

The cash value of the free stock at the time you received it may be reported as “Other Income” on a 1099-Misc form. Any gains or losses on the sale of the stock are reported as capital gains or losses.

You can check the cost basis of each stock you get on the history page for the free stock.

For example, if you win a $10 stock and later sell it for $15 dollars, (1) the $10 stock gift will be reported as “Other Income” and (2) the $5 gain will be reported as capital gains.

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.


Passive Income Ideas: Make Money Even When You’re NOT Working

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Have you heard those stories about people making money while they sleep? Who doesn't want that, right? In the online world, we call this passive income. Now, if you aren't familiar with this term, it typically refers to income that you make when you aren't actively working. That's what we're going to be talking about today. In this video, you will learn what passive income is, it isn't, how to avoid scams, how I earn money passively, and how to diversify to increase your earnings, and also protect yourself from a loss. Now, make sure you stay till the end of the video to find out how you can get a list of my favorite extra-money makers for free.

500 Different Ways to Make Money Online

Now, passive income can mean different things to different people. While someone people would lead you to believe that you never have to do anything to continue making money from your idea, that rarely, if ever, is the case. There might be a little updating here, or promoting to keep certain things out there and earning money, or maybe you just need to use a certain website, or app, or card to earn some extra cash by doing something that you're going to be doing anyway. That's the kind of things that we are going to be talking about today. Now, what passive income isn't is some of the things that you see online that lead you into sometimes falling in to some scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Like I said, passive income almost always requires some kind of work up front or maybe some updating along the way. It's rarely ever just totally passive, you didn't do anything to earn this free money that's falling from the sky. How do I earn money passively? I have quite a few things going on. And the more, the better if it's passive, because you aren't actually having to put in those hours over and over again to make that money.

As a blogger, affiliate marketing is my bread and butter. I earn a commission when visitors on my site purchase some of the things that I recommend. I earn more money just through affiliate marketing than I could've ever imagined back at my previous nine-to-five job. The key to passive income through affiliate marketing is creating great content that will promote itself for years to come. I have a couple of blog posts in particular that earn around $10,000 per year each just promoting a couple of things that I mention only in those two posts. These aren't things that I promote regularly. They aren't things that I promote to my email subscribers. They're only mentioned in those posts, and those posts are almost three years old. That's passive income. Investing used to be something reserved for people in higher income brackets or for extra money. But, what is extra money? Who really has extra money? We all know that the more you make, the more you spend. And even if pennies started falling from the sky, there's going to be something that comes up that's going to demand those free pennies from heaven.

The important thing to remember when it comes to investing is that if it's important, make it a priority. Make it a bill. If you make it a bill, it'll be easier to find other areas to cut if necessary. Let's not forget that it kind of should be a priority. If you're working from home, you probably aren't contributing to a 401K program anymore, and you want to retire, don't you? Maybe you want to retire early.

500 Different Ways to Make Money Online

You can get started with investing by going to your local investment advisor, or financial advisor, or wealth planner. You can also get started by some of the little online options that are available today that are called microinvesting. Acorns is a popular beginner investor option. This one rounds up your purchases and then invests that spare change. I've been using this one for a while, and it's a really fun way to use, get that little extra money invested without really feeling the pain of writing a big check. There's no minimum to start with Acorns. Another great way that I earn passive income is through digital products. Now, I've had little eBooks available for purchase on and off over the years. It wasn't until late 2016 that I really started making an effort to get that income stream off the ground. Today, I have several digital products available for sale. These are all things that I rarely actively promote to my audience through launches, but they do sell themselves day after day through things like automated email sequences that I set up many months ago.

500 Different Ways to Make Money Online

Another great opportunity I take advantage of to earn passive income is cashback programs. You should always make sure your credit cards are working for you. I earned a little over $400 in cashback bonuses from Discover last year. My earning from Ebates, not including what I earn by referring other people to the program, was about $150 for my online purchases alone. Then, I also take advantage of Ibotta, which is a cashback program for your groceries and some others. Again, this is easy money, folks, and it doesn't cost you anything to get started. So what's your excuse? One thing I want to stress when it comes to passive income is that it's really important that you get your main gig in place before you start adding to the mix. If you're diluting your efforts too much, you may find that you just aren't earning money anywhere. The same goes for additional passive income avenues. Put one in place fully before you start moving on to the next thing.

Now, as you could see, very few of the passive income opportunities require no work at all, but many require very little. These certainly won't replace your full-time income without becoming a full-time job that sells, but they can be a great way to add a little bit of extra money to your bank account. The point of implementing these avenues is to not only increase your earnings, but also provide you with a buffer during slow times, add a little bit of extra money to your nest day, or even your emergency bank account, or something that you're saving for for a rainy day.

If you liked today's article, please click the like button below, share it with your friends, and make sure you're subscribed. Make sure you pick up your free list of my favorite extra-money makers in the link below. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next article.

500 Different Ways to Make Money Online


How to Quickly Rank Your Local Business in Google Local SEO Ranking

Click to Access Google Ranking Secrets

In today's article I'm gonna walk you through how to quickly rank your local business in Google, and also Bing as well. This is gonna be a quick tutorial, so make sure you stay tuned.

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Like always, guys, I'm gonna leave all the links and the resources down in the description. These tips will basically increase your likelihood of showing up on Google's Search and local search for your local business. Let's get straight into it, number one, and this is something that you should go do immediately, you should go sign up for a Google Search Console, it was previously was called Google Webmaster. This right here gives you different techniques in Google, it basically gives you a little insight into the search engine, and how you're ranking, any problems you may have.

And also too, go sign up for Google Analytics right now. All this is free, I'm gonna give you links down in the description to where to sign up for these, but these should be your first action when you're actually starting to actually rank your local business.

Number two, how many people just don't do this part right here, they just don't take the time to do this, but choose the keywords that you actually want to rank for. So if you're a plumber and you're gonna rank for “plumber, plumbing,” or do you wanna rank from, “someone to fix your sink,” or anything you basically want to rank for, you need to choose those keywords and then obviously choose two or three of them and just try to rank for those in your desired areas.

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Number three, sign up for local directories. And these directories could be Bing Places, Google Places, which are gonna be the main two right there, I would say to mainly focus on. If you're not gonna do any others, then just do those two. And then you wanna sign up for Facebook and your Facebook page, now you can put in your location and get you a little SEO boost as well on top of that. And then you go into Foursquare, and then you go onto Super Pages as well, Yellow Pages, Yelp. And if you just get a profile, just having a profile in there will just super dramatically increase your odds of ranking in the first top three results when someone searches for your actual local business. So that's something I would say is a must do, it's very simple, many people just don't do it. But just on those profiles go set up an account, you don't have to be too active on those.

And put your first name and put your full name of the business on there, put the actual address of the business. If you have multiple businesses, Bing Places and Google Places actually allows you to upload all of those. If you have a franchise and you're doing multiple different business, you wanna rank all of those. I think it's a lot better when you try to rank multiple businesses as well. But on Yelp and all these other places, you can do it and build a profile which will link back to you actually getting pushed up in Google and Bing search.

Number four, join other industry directories. Depending on what industry you're in, there's a directory. A majority, there's probably hundreds of them. I'm only leaving links down to a basic site that I found that showed a lot of different niche directories that you can sign up for. But sign up for those, put your website on there. Also go in there and put your web address.

And this is a good thing, because these places are just smaller directories, they're not as big as Yelp and Foursquare, but they still have good PR rankings of four or above, that gives you that link juice that you need to push you up in the rankings. And if you can find a good 10 of those and then use the resources we said before, those seven out there before, you should be ranking up there in a matter of no time, in a matter of weeks or so. Especially if your competitions aren't doing those, because a lot of people in competition aren't, but just from the ranking portion, if you go through and you add all your information to the local directories and also to your industry-specific directories, you won't have a problem with ranking.
Number five, and this is right here where if you follow all the other ones, you can be able to rank. But if you actually want to be able to really blossom and be number one, then you need to ask your current happy customers to go review you on these sites. I would start off with getting customers to go review you on Google, and getting customers to review you on Bing, and then go to Yelp and Foursquare and Facebook and all those other places so you can actually show up in their search engines that they have as well.

But also Google takes information off of there, and Bing takes information off of those sources as well. But really try to get more good reviews. Because if you look on the actual search site, you'll see that there's a lot of smaller dots, and there are a lot of big dots. And the thing that really differentiates these right here are the amount of reviews they have, and how well those reviews are. Because Google is in the… Like I said before in a different article, Google is in the experience business, Google's trying to give the best experience to their users. So if you have the best reviews, have very good reviews in Google's eyes, Google will push you further up in the searches.

Thank you guys for reading, hope you enjoyed this article.

I hope this article will really help you to understand how to quickly rank your local business in Google and Bing, and to get more clients and more customers. Go ahead and like this article right now, share this article as well to anyone you think might need this article, the channel will really appreciate it. Comment down below just letting me know if you like these videos, or also too any questions or any tips that you may have for the community about ranking you local business as well. And don't forget to smash that subscribe button right now. Thank you guys for reading, I'll see you in next one.

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Student Loan Debt is Becoming an Epidemic

Student loan personal debt is becoming an epidemic of types. These loans can be big and ultimately demanding. Many teenagers in the us are terrified to even make a payment on the student loans. It might seem impossible to deal with due to the enormous balance it doesn't seem to travel anywhere.


Less Stress and Less debt is only 30 seconds away
When you are young you are impressionable. Today's millennials are no exemption. Accruing student loan credit debt sometimes appears as a required burden necessary to achieving their careers. Many find themselves employed following college or university. However, regarding to about 50 % of school graduates in 2014 were employed in jobs that do not need a college degree.
To create things worse the student loan lenders commence hounding their “clients” soon after graduating. If you're one of these clients you almost certainly know by now that nothing in this world comes easier than debts. The chances of you having money to pay your student loan debt so soon is quite sleek.
Before leaving senior high school these young, impressionable people are lead to believe a college education will lead to a guaranteed career. Turns out, it isn't that easy. The Washington Post reported in 2013, corresponding to data from Jaison Abel and Richard Dietz of the Federal Reserve Loan provider of NY, only 27% of college or university graduates had jobs related with their major. If this comes as a rude awakening to you I apologize. There exists no person simple way to make your wish job become a reality as well as your student loan obligations disappear. However, it takes action, commitment which is possible.
Student education loans. If reading those two words infuriates you do not worry. It should. Paying down student lending options may appear impossible but there are ways you can do yourself a favour out. The very first thing you must do is understand what type of loan you have. Some loans are eligible for several benefits which might assist your position.
Check out the National EDUCATION LOAN Data System (NSLD). This site houses the U.S Team of Education's database for student aid. Only national student loans meet the criteria for this help. If you ask me I've talked to more individuals with federal loans than those with private ones.
A good idea for many who are unemployed or “between careers” is deferment or forbearance. A deferment or forbearance gives you to temporarily stop making your national student loan payments or to briefly reduce the amount you pay. This could be helpful if you are at risk of defaulting on your loan. A default occurs when you yourself have not made your monthly premiums for a long period of time. In the case of a default, the lender make execute legal action to be able to get their money back.
Less Stress and Less debt is only 30 seconds away
If you're eligible for deferment, the government may pay the interest on your lending options through the deferment period. The contrary goes for a forbearance. Inside a forbearance you might be able to lower your obligations or stop repayments completely for 12 months.
These options can provide you room to inhale and exhale and follow the career you studied so long to achieve.
You can find other options available to help get your monthly payments reduced to a manageable level. A couple of income-based repayment strategies for folks with direct loans or National Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program lending options. In an income-based repayment program your monthly premiums can be reduced to 10% of your monthly income. In most cases the loan is forgiven after 25 years in these programs.
Depending on your position, there may be a repayment map out there that best fits you. Head over to the Federal University student Help website and browse their listings of payment plans.

Student loan consolidation is a viable option for people with an increase of than one student loan. Should your student loans have varying interest levels and minimum monthly payments you should consider a Direct Consolidation Loan. Exactly like traditional consolidation, a direct loan consolidation loan combines multiple federal student lending options into one loan with one repayment and interest. These lending options can stretch the quantity of time you have to pay the loan, thus cutting your monthly payment. You'll also get a fixed rate on your interest rather than dealing with adjustable rates.
Consolidation does have its disadvantages. You might be convenient with the monthly payments but, you will finish up paying more in the long run because of the interest rate. If your own loans had fastened benefits you will lose those as well.
You might not have prepared on coping with student debt when you were going out of high school. With most people it appears to sneak up on them as soon as the leave university. No real matter what your student personal debt situation will there be are programs available to help you manage it. You deserve to give attention to the future and work at your career goals instead of worrying about monthly payments.
Dealing with student lending options is tough. Contrary to popular belief there are programs available from the federal government and other sources that could make your repayments easier.
Less Stress and Less debt is only 30 seconds away

Local Search Engine Marketing For Your Business

Google Ranking Secrets

Local Search Engine Marketing For Your Business

The days of merely adding, a Free Business Listing in your local, is over. Where this can be an effective marketing strategy for local business, as well as aid you in ranking well within Google Maps, you still have the option of adding Google Coupons which appear within your Business Listing within Google Maps and YouTube video as well as images.

The internet has many advantages for your Local Search marketing strategy:

Photo-Mix / Pixabay

Ensure that you explore as well as implement a more broad Local Search Marketing strategy even if you only have one business website ranking upon Google for your business. Take advantage of the internet while applying Local Search Marketing strategies.
Take advantage of the free tools offered by search engines to advertise your business:

No matter if you utilize a Local Search Marketing Expert or you perform these strategies yourself for your business, you will find that you can build upon a Business Listing. There are numerous free tools, which you can utilize while expanding your products and services. This will generate more leads while proving to be not only effective but cost efficient. You will find this measure is far more effective as compared to the Yellow Pages or other online directories.

Google Ranking Secrets

Integration is the key:

You must understand that the Local Search does not replace your business website. You can however integrate your website with the Local Search while ensuring that any questions potential customers might have will be answered.

Customers have many questions about your business:

More times to none, customers will ask if your business is trustworthy. They will also request information pertaining to prices, which your business offers on your products and services; which you provide. Customers will also ask for recommendations of what will be most beneficial for their particular needs.

Bringing in new customers:

You will want to bring in new customers for your business. If you are successful in your Local Search Marketing strategy, you will find that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to accomplish this; or does it? On the other hand, you will find that constructing a Local Search Marketing strategy does however require time as well as commitment. If you are finding yourself stretched too thin or you are confused on some of these tactics, you might want to consider hiring a Local Search Marketing Expert to aid you with your project.

Stay ahead of the game

Can you believe that the majority of small businesses do not have their own business website? Even though this is hard to believe it is a reality. Most local small businesses owners don't have the knowledge or time for accomplishing this task; this is where you will be one-step ahead of your local competitors, with a Local Search Marketing campaign.

In utilizing a Local Search Marketing strategy, you will solve one of the largest challenges for most small businesses, who are needing to get ahead of their local competition.

Google Ranking Secrets

What You Can Do To Generate Website Traffic

What You Can Do To Generate Website Traffic

Website traffic is the most crucial part to having an online business. Sure you have to have a product with public appeal and quality content to promote your product. But without traffic, you will have no business. It may take time, but there are some things you can do to generate website traffic for yourself.
The more back links you have to your website, the more people have a chance to getting to your website. A back link is essentially another website that has your link on it. If you have 50 back links, there are 50 places people can find your website link and get to your website. That is why it is vital that you try to get as many back links as possible.
One way to get a back link is to write testimonials for any business that you have gone through that already has a high page rank. If the business has a high page rank, that means they are reeling in a lot of traffic each day. Not everyone looks at the testimonial page, but there are many who want to see what that business is all about. And that is where your link becomes relevant.

narciso1 / Pixabay

Another way to generate website traffic is to write articles. If you can write clear and precise articles that offer something fresh, it can be a great way to show your knowledge on your topic. Then, write out a resource box and begin submitting your article all over. Each article directory that publishes one of your articles acts as a back link, so submit to as many directories and sites that you can.
One of the more popular ways to generate traffic is traffic exchange. Traffic exchange is a type of website that provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. As you submit your website, you then have to browse other member’s sites in exchange for credit. The way you benefit from this is that other members will view your site, and may become enthralled by it and purchase something.
The last way you can generate more website traffic is by posting in forums. The more forums you post in, the more variety you can bring to your website. It is equally important that you post several times in each forum so that people become familiar with you. If you make a post every day in several different forums, people will eventually come to your website to see what you are all about.

Without website traffic, you have a great website with no business. That is why it is essential that you take into consideration the tips listed above to begin generating traffic. It is crucial that you are patient, but by doing a little of everything, you will reel in loads of traffic.